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The first Fleur Australe expedition (the Northwest Passage) resulted in the book and DVD, "Une fleur dans les glaces - Le passage du Nord-Ouest en famille".




Release date: March 22, 2010

Author: Géraldine Danon

Genre: Travel

Publisher: Robert Laffont

Catch line: The crazy Arctic adventure of Géraldine Danon, Philippe Poupon and their four children as they follow in the footsteps of the world's greatest explorers.



At age 35, after a full life as an actress, theater director and owner of a trendy restaurant and following her relationship with painter and skipper Titouan Lamazou, Géraldine Danon wanted to turn the page. She left everything behind and escaped to Provence with her little boy, Loup, looking for a new lease on life, which she found in Philippe Poupon, a famous skipper. It was love at first sight, and Philippe and Géraldine soon found themselves at the head of a large reshuffled family, seeking a better life for themselves far away from the daily rat race. They would embark upon this exhilarating adventure as a family. After spending many long winter nights spinning their globe, they settled on the feared and legendary Northwest Passage, a sailing route between the Atlantic and the Pacific that is open for barely a few weeks each year, is unpredictable, often entirely frozen, dangerous and almost impossibly technical. Since even Philippe Poupon, who had already earned his stripes sailing in Antarctica, had never been to the Great North, it would be a first for the entire family: all four children, and even the family dog Beti, would take part in this adventure.
After two years of preparations, the Poupon-Danon family took to the seas one morning in February 2009 from La Rochelle to begin a crossing that would take them from the shores of Africa to the Caribbean and then straight north, into the Arctic Circle and beyond. After eight months of sailing, adventures, and incidents both funny and tragic; eight months juggling diapers, bottles, homework, sea ice and technical skill; eight months running on very little sleep, they finally brought their boat, the Fleur Australe, up to the perpetual ice and the midnight sun. This is the tale of how one family took on the Northwest Passage and won.



Author: Géraldine Danon

Directors: Eric Beaufils and Géraldine Danon

Commentary: Thomas Cazal and Géraldine Danon

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