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New Book by Géraldine Danon
Online entry 03/19/2012 - 17:40

Eleven months of adventure sailing from Alaska to French Polynesia, the story of a remarkable family that made the sea their home…

Philippe Poupon, Géraldine Danon and their four children, aged two, three, ten, and thirteen when their voyage began, traverse the globe from north to south. Starting in France, they sail the Fleur Australe through the northwest passage and down the coast of Alaska to the waters of French Polynesia. Géraldine’s daily log records this second leg of their great adventure with sensitivity and wit: life on board, its inconveniences – confinement, seasickness, and isolation, and its rewards – the wonders and lessons of discovery.


In bookstores April 4



DVD release April 4

Focus on Geraldine Danon :

Géraldine Danon is a French actress, born in 1968. Philippe Poupon is one of France’s foremost skippers. With their four children, they embarked on the journey with an educational and ecological purpose. Géraldine is the author of a previous work, Une fleur dans les glaces (2010), the story of the first leg of their expedition.


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Marie-Odile BONFILS wrote :
En zappant depuis mon téléviseur à Wallis et Futuna, je suis tombée sur le reportage de votre voyage. Merci de m'avoir fait rêver. A mon retour en métropole, j'achète votre récit de voyage (s). Bon vent.


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